Expo Week

 May 30th - June 5th

  • Altius Expo Week

    Our annual Altius Expo Week is Thursday, May 30th through Wednesday, June 5th.

    Students and coaches are hard at work perfecting skills (in in some levels- Learning routines!) to demonstrate for their families and friends. Start times may be different from a student's normal class time. An exact schedule will be out soon.

    Kindergym students will perform on four circuits in the back of the gym. A special seating area will be set up along the back wall of the gym for up-close Kindergym viewing.

    Progressive gymnastics students will perform on vault, bars, beam, floor and boy’s equipment. Ninja classes* will perform on two different obstacle courses.

    *Climbing classes do not participate in Expo. Tuition has been reduced to reflect this. Ninja Team and Elite have practice at their regular time.

  • Schedule

    Students will perform on the day of their normal class. Their start time may be different from their usual start time. Kindergym sessions will run approximately 40 minutes, Ninja sessions will run around 45 minutes, Gymnastics sessions are 55 minutes.

    Expo 2024 Schedule

  • Ninja Quick Comp

    Ninjas (and gymnasts!) also have the opportunity to compete in our final Ninja Quick Comp of the school year. They can test this skills on Saturday, June 1st. Awards are handed out to the top three in each division, and season trophies will be awarded to those who have scored high enough over three different events.
    The Ninja Quick Comp event requires seperate registration.

  • Awards

    All Expo performances end with a medal presentation and an opportunity to take group and individual pictures. Remember to bring your camera! Family and friends are invited to attend. Admission is free. Please remember that only participating Altius students are allowed on the equipment. Siblings should be closely supervised in the waiting area.

  • Routine Videos

    Junior Intermediate & Advanced, and Senior Beginner and Advanced students Perform Routines