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Altius offers the USA Gymnastics Development Program and the Xcel Program for girls, and USAG Development Program for boys interested in competitive gymnastics. Girls and boys ages 6 and up are invited to join a team program upon showing skill readiness, and as space permits.

Altius team program coaches are USA Gymnastics professional members and are USA Gymnastics Safety Certified, and Medic First Aid & CPR certified.They are trained through attendance at National and Regional Congress, WI state education sessions, and Altius in-gym training sessions. The Altius coaches are a very enthusiastic group who enjoy guiding each gymnast through their gymnastics and personal development.

Womens USA Gymnastics Development Program

This program is by invitation only, and is designed for girls with a high level of talent and an uncommon drive to progress as a competitive athlete. It takes gymnasts through designated routines and structured progressions intended to give each athlete the opportunity to reach the highest levels in the sport. This is the program that produces college athletes and National team members. The program requires a strong personal and financial commitment along with stricter requirements than the recreational or XCEL programs. Gymnasts may transition to the XCEL program if it becomes a better fit for their development and/or interest level.

Womens XCEL Program

This program is designed for girls interested in transitioning from recreational classes into a competitive team program. It is less rigorous than the Developmental program with a smaller weekly time and financial commitment. XCEL offers gymnasts the ability to train year round and participate in the world of gymnastics while leaving time for other interests and activities. Occasionally it may be possible for a gymnast to transition from XCEL to the Developmental program if she meets the requirements and is interested in increasing her commitment to the sport.

Mens USA Gymnastics Development Program

The men's gymnastics program is by invitation only, and is intended for boys with the strength, skill, talent, and drive to progress in a competitive setting. Developmental moves gymnasts through designated skill routines and structured progressions. The program requires a strong personal and financial commitment along with stricter requirements than the recreational program.

Interested In Competitive Gymnastics? We'd Love To Have You On Our Team!

Altius offers a free trial week to all potential new team members. Call (414) 421-1200 or Contact Us and ask for Jill (Girls Program) or Brandon (Boys Program) for more information.

Policies & Forms

Injury Policies & Forms

Altius recognizes that athletes may experience acute or overuse injuries at times. The goal is for athletes to heal completely and return to activity as soon as possible. With this in mind the following policies are in place.

  1. Please complete an Altius Injury Form as soon as possible after an injury occurs or when it is clear that an overuse injury is present.
  2. The completed form is the official communication to Altius and the coaches regarding injuries.
  3. Athletes are encouraged to communicate with coaches regarding pain or problems with joints, etc. during practice, however this does not constitute a notice to Altius regarding injury.
  4. Once an injury form is submitted Altius will follow up with parents and coaches.
  5. Parents are asked to submit an Injury Update Form every one to two weeks while an athlete is on limited activity.
  6. Return to Activity forms are needed before athletes fully participate in practice again.

Participation in Practice while Injured

Gymnasts in grades 4 and up may attend up to one hour of practice per day while they are recovering from an injury that prevents them from participating in more than 2 events.

  • A doctor’s note allowing limited physical activity is required.
  • Please email the Team Director to arrange the appropriate amount of conditioning time for your injured athlete.

Gymnasts in grades 3 and under may stop by at the beginning or end of practice to say hi to their teammates. We find that young gymnasts have a difficult time completing conditioning assignments independently so we ask that they not participate in practice until they can safely return to activities for at least 3 events.

Absence and Makeup Policies

Tuition is based on 48 weeks of attendance per year. Two weeks are not charged for holiday and gym closures, two weeks are off at your discretion. Altius makes operational decisions based on the total number of gymnasts on the team for the year; your tuition holds your child’s spot in the program.

Specific policies:

  1. Additional vacation weeks are taken at your discretion. Extended (3 or more consecutive weeks) vacations will be considered for prorating of tuition. 
  2. Injury absences are prorated on a daily basis as of date of notification to Altius. 
  3. Prorating for religion class absences if no alternative day can be arranged will be granted.
  4. Extracurricular activities’ absences will be dealt with in one of two ways; a “make up” or alternative day will be offered, or prorating of tuition (up to 3 mos. per year) if a suitable alternative is not available. 
  5. Make ups and credits are not offered for incidental absences during the school year. 
  6. Altius may offer limited make up opportunities during the summer and extra practice options over winter break if scheduling and staffing allows. 

Altius recognizes that team gymnastics is a uniquely year-round sport. There may be times when your child would like to participate in activities that create a short term (1-2 months) conflict with gymnastics practices. It is important to understand that it’s most beneficial to your child’s progress to attend every practice with their group.

For gymnasts who want to practice a fewer number of days on a long term basis, the team staff may recommend they move to a group that is a better fit for their commitment level. Team scheduling and staffing is done based on the number of full time gymnasts in each group. Credits are not granted for long term schedule modifications.


  • Use the CUSTOMER PORTAL to report illnesses, vacations, and miscellaneous absences. You do not need to email Altius. Coaches take attendance daily and can see reported absences and notes in our system. 
  • Use the LONG TERM MAKE UP REQUEST to request a schedule modification or pro-rating to accommodate an outside activity.

In the case of an injury that prevents the gymnast from participating in practice, please refer to our Injury Procedures & Policies.

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