What is Adaptive Gymnastics

Altius Adaptive Gymnastics programs are specifically designed to accommodate children with physical or developmental disabilities. Using open gyms, one on one personal sessions, or small group coaching, these programs provide a supportive and inclusive environment where children can learn and participate in gymnastics activities that are tailored to their individual needs.

Our goal is to promote physical development, coordination, flexibility, strength, and confidence in children with disabilities through gymnastics exercises and activities. We take into account the specific abilities, challenges, and goals of each child through a pre-registration intake form. The activities and exercises are tailored to suit their needs and may be modified or adjusted as necessary to ensure safety and progress.

Altius Adaptive Gymnastics programs are led by qualified gymnastics instructors who have received additional training or certification in working with children with disabilities. These instructors understand the specific needs of each child and can provide appropriate guidance and support. Our programs are appropriate for children who are ambulatory and are able to participate in semi to high-stimulation environments. We require the completion of an intake form before scheduling, as well as parental involvement during their child’s first experience. We encourage additional parental involvement when appropriate.


Lessons and Class Types

1:1 Instruction - Contact for Private Lesson Details

Adaptive Classes - Summer 2024

Tuition listed is the monthly fee.

Intake Form

Please fill out the following intake form to provide our Adaptive coaches with the information they require to develop the strongest base for your child’s gymnastics needs. The information contained within this form will not be shared with any outside source, any other athletes/families, or any non-essential employee at Altius.

Complete the Intake Form Before Registering