Altius Ninja Run

Next Event October 17th - First Sessions at 10AM - Register Now! - Registration Closes 10/14

  • Ninja Run

    Show off your skills at the Altius Ninja Run! This event challenges children to two different courses, testing them over a combination of obstacles that require balance, strength, and speed!

  • Age Groups

    The Ninja Run is for ages 5-14. All Divisions are co-ed.
    Ages groups will be determined after registration closes. Specific start times will be e-mailed out after registration closes on June 16th. Younger age groups have start times earlier in the day.

  • Activities

    Students will receive a limited amount of practice time before competing on each course.

    The Points Course

    The Points Course is a mix of obstacles designed to test speed, strength, and focus. This course is “all or nothing” for scoring. Children will have only one chance to accomplish each obstacle, and must complete their run under a set time limit. If their attempt on an obstacle is successful, they receive the points. If they do not complete the obstacle, they receive zero points and move on to the next one.
    Winners are determined by the most points scored. Time is used as a tie-breaker, with the fastest time winning.

    The Skill Course

    The Skill Course is a test of strength, balance, and endurance. Students will have a limited amount of time to accrue as many points as possible. Each obstacle on the skill course awards partial points (example: participants may be awarded 2, 4, 6, or 8 points on a Peg Board depending on how far they get).
    Winners are determined by the most points scored. Time is used as a tie-breaker, with the fastest time winning.

Altius Ninja Run
  • Pricing

    $30, $25 per Sibling

  • Schedule

    Our next event is October 17th, with the first groups starting at 10:00AM.

    The Age Group Schedule will be sent out after registration closes. Each child will have a designated start time based on their age. Younger groups generally go earlier in the day.

  • Awards

    Medals are awarded to the top 3 or 4 finishers on each course in each age group (based on age group size)
    Achievement Ribbons and Score Cards are given to all participants
    *New for 2021* Online Score Reports available online after the event - keep track of Ninja Run progress for this and all future Altius Ninja Events!