Ninja Team


Ninja Team is an invite-only group that prepares individuals for competition in UNAA sanctioned events. Students have practice at least once a week, and have free entry to Ninja Open Gyms for extra practice.

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Ninja Obstacles & Equipment

Altius has rig and ground area setups for Ninjas of all ages, as well as a dedicated space for Team and Elite members. We rotate through various hanging and ground obstacles to give our Ninjas experience on a variety of jumps, swings, and grabs.

Obstacles Include -

  • Three Warped Walls
  • Horizontal and Vertical (Auto-Belay) Rock Walls
  • Laches, including Trapeze Bars, Cows, Fidget Spinners, Wingnuts, and Boomerangs
  • Rope climbs, Rope Swings, and Cargo Nets
  • Angle Steps, Balance Beams, Bridges, Lilypads, and Ground Bars
  • Horizontal and Veritcal Peg Boards, Peg Grasps
  • Cliff Hangers
  • Hanging obstacles, including Rings, Skyhooks, Grips Spheres, Lumberjack Boards, Windchimes, Unstable Bridges
  • And much more arriving all the time!