Girls Team

Altius offers the Junior Olympic Program (Levels 2-10) and the Xcel Program (Silver, Gold, Diamond, Platinum) for girls interested in competitive gymnastics. Girls ages 6 and up are invited to join a team program upon showing skill readiness, and as space permits.

Altius team program coaches are USA Gymnastics professional members. They are trained through attendance at National and Regional Congress, WI state education sessions, and Altius in-gym training sessions. The Altius coaches are a very enthusiastic group who enjoy guiding each gymnast through their gymnastics and personal development.

Junior Olympic Program
This program is by invitation only, and is designed for girls with a high level of talent and an uncommon drive to progress as a competitive athlete. It takes gymnasts through designated routines and structured progressions intended to give each athlete the opportunity to reach the highest levels in the sport. This is the program that produces college athletes and National team members. The program requires a strong personal and financial commitment along with stricter requirements than the recreational or XCEL programs. Gymnasts may transition to the XCEL program if it becomes a better fit for their development and/or interest level.

XCEL Program
This program is designed for girls interested in transitioning from recreational classes into a competitive team program. It is less rigorous than the Junior Olympic program with a smaller weekly time and financial commitment. XCEL offers gymnasts the ability to train year round and participate in the world of gymnastics while leaving time for other interests and activities. Occasionally it may be possible for a gymnast to transition from XCEL to the J.O. program if she meets the requirements and is interested in increasing her commitment to the sport.

Interested in competitive gymnastics? We'd love to have you on our team!

Altius offers a free trial week to all potential new team members.
Call 414-421-1200 and speak with Jane or Jill for more information.

Junior Olympics & Xcel

The Altius teams are always working hard to perfect their skills while enjoying the challenges of gymnastics. Altius coaches promote good sportsmanship while being encouraging and supportive at practices and competitions. Altius parents round out the support system for the gymnasts. Team Altius - No Doubts!

Parents - please email pictures to if you have any after the meet that you are willing to share.

Meet Schedule

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