Team Forms

Team Conditioning Challenge


  • Girls Levels 2 - 5, Xcel, and Boys Levels 4 - 5: Complete all conditioning and flexibility exercises at least 10 times in the month.
  • Girls Level 6 - 9 and Boys Levels 6 - 8: Complete the flexibility exercises at least 6 times in the month.
  • Have an adult initial the box next to the exercise every time you complete it. You may do all the exercises each day or split them up, but each row should be marked the appropriate number of times (11 & 12 are extra credit).
  • Return your completed sheet by the 1st of the month to post your name on the “Conditioning Champions” board.

This Month's Worksheet

Injury Reports and Policy Forms

To fill in forms and save the contents, right click and "save as." Send completed forms to, or print and return to the front desk.

Summer Vacation Absence Form

Fill out at this link. Use a different form for each unique vacation.

College Recruit Information Form

Click Here for Form

Competition Absence Form

Cannot attend a meet? Please send an email to the Team Coordinator as soon as you know of the time conflict.  ( You will receive a confirmation response within 48 hours.  See the Team Handbook for additional details regarding meets and refunds.