Tumbling Ages 6 - 18


Ages 6 - 18 | 55 Minutes | Boys & Girls

Tumbling for cheer, dance, martial arts, and fun. Instruction includes strength and flexibility needed for skill mastery. No previous experience required.
Skills include:
Forward rolls, cartwheels, round offs, front & back walkovers, front & back handsprings, aerials.

Youth, Junior, and Senior designations refer to age groups. Enrollment in the appropriate age group is recommended but not required

School Year Classes
Summer Classes

Back Handspring Clinics

Ages 6 - 12 | 75 Minutes | Boys & Girls

Is your goal to learn a back handspring and connected skills? Sign up for a Back Handspring Clinic and learn how to do beautiful back handsprings, along with basics such as round offs, cartwheels, and backward rolls!
Participants should already be proficient in cartwheels.
$18 per student | Available on Select Days

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